Friday, July 8, 2011

Book Review~Dust & Decay by Jonathan Maberry

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Benny Imura, Nix Riley, Tom Imura and Lilah, the Lost Girl, are planning on going east out into the Rot & Ruin in search of a jet that they saw fly over Mountainside at the end of the first book. Tom has been training Benny and his friends, so they will be prepared to protect themselves. There are the zombies of course, but they're not the real danger. There are bounty hunters out there that will stop at nothing to get revenge on the Imura's and their friends.

This was a satisfying sequel to the first book, Rot & Ruin, and I hope there will be more to come. What I like about the series is that even though Tom is a zombie killer, the only zombies he quiets are for families in search of closure. He teaches Benny to value life and humanity by acknowledging that zombies were once human themselves. It's an interesting take on the zombie genre and I cannot wait for future installments!

Thanks to Simon & Shuster for access to the eGalley!

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