Monday, September 3, 2012

Book Review ~ Lost by Michael Robotham

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I must applaud Robotham once again. I am so enjoying making my way through his books. This one follows Detective Ruiz with Joseph O'Loughlin making guest appearances along the way. I liked learning more about Ruiz and ended up enjoying the fact that I had read some of the later books before reading this one.

Detective Ruiz cannot remember the events that led up to him being found in the river having almost bled to death from the gunshot in his thigh. Like the good detective he is, he follows the clues until his memory starts to unfold. Even as he begins to remember the events leading up to being shot, there's still an unsolved underlying mystery. Ultimately, Ruiz must determine if the little girl, Mickey, who disappeared from her apartment building a few years ago, is really dead or was she kidnapped?

I highly recommend this and any other Robotham you can get your hands on-they're mystery/thrillers that keep you guessing and are filled with characters with heart.

Book Review ~ The One I Left Behind: A Novel by Jennifer McMahon

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This was a decent mystery/thriller filled with lots of twists and turns and suspects. The back and forth from Reggie as a kid to Reggie as an adult started to get a little tiring about halfway through-I always consider just reading all of the flashback material first and then going back and reading the present when authors alternate by chapter. I wouldn't rush to recommend it to anyone, but wouldn't urge someone not to read it either.

Thanks to Edelweiss and William Morrow Paperbacks for access to this title.