Monday, July 25, 2011

Book Review~Deviant by Adrian McKinty

Danny Lopez finds himself relocating to Colorado with his stepdad because his mom got a job running a new casino. He is enrolled in a local school that follows the Direct Instruction method: kids and teachers cannot talk other than to read from the scripted lesson of the day. Danny is befriended by Tony, the girl who lives across the street. There's a local scandal that Danny and his new friends start to investigate: someone is kidnapping cats and killing them. Danny decides to try and catch the killer on his own and things don't go quite the way he planned.

Danny was likable enough and the storyline kept me wanting to read to find out who is killing these cats and whether they move onto humans. But, there was a little something missing. The secondary characters were not very developed, actually Danny's skateboard was more developed than the characters were-the trick references were lost on me, but would surely appeal to skateboarders.

Thanks to ABRAMS, Amulet Books and Net Galley for access to this title.

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