Monday, February 7, 2011

Book Review~Invasion (C.H.A.O.S #1) by J. S. Lewis

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Think teens will really enjoy this one-I know I did. Invasion is an action-packed sci-fi novel that left me eager for a sequel. The high-tech gadgets and crazy looking aliens made me think of MIB (Men In Black). And the theme of a boy with an off-the-chart IQ who will inevitably be responsible for saving the earth was reminiscent of Ender's Game.

Colt is dropped of by his dad at a military academy to be tested for his worthiness as a recruit. When his dad picks him up later that day, all he has are hazy memories and an aching cheek. Soon after Colt learns that his parents have died in a tragic car accident. The youngest of eight boys, there's no shortage of options for where he will go live. He chooses to go to live with his grandfather in Arizona.

Colt begins to learn that some of the things in his favorite comic book series are actual events. There are aliens out there, they'd like to eradicate the humans, and make Earth their home.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for allowing access via NetGalley.

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