Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Review~Dark Magic by James Swain

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Dark Magic If you're a fan of magic, wizardry, and that sort of thing, this one will hook you in. It's not particularly well-written, but has enough suspense to make you want to know how it'll all work out.

Peter Warlock's parents were murdered when he was just a young boy, so he's been raised by his Aunt Milly. He now has a successful one man magic show in New York City where he does some respectable magic tricks while also using his psychic abilities to do some mind reading. Every Friday night, he gathers with a group of psychics to conduct a seance. When he sees a future where Times Square is filled with people falling to their deaths, he is led into a dangerous battle with the Order of Astrum. Peter soon discovers his evolving powers are not only linked to the Order, but to his parents' death as well.

Thanks to Tor/Forge and NetGalley for access to this title.

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